The Board Meeting Agenda – The Foundation For a Successful Board Meeting

The agenda for the board meeting is the basis for a productive and successful board meeting. It outlines each item that the board will discuss as well as the length of time it will take to speak about the issues.

The ideal scenario is that the agenda should begin with items that need the board to make a decision. This helps keep the board from running short of time and allows them to cover the most important topics prior to the meeting’s conclusion. Action items and concrete information at the top of the agenda keeps boards from becoming bogged down in minutiae which are not important to the business.

Once the board has concluded old business, they can dive into new ideas for the organization. It could be anything from new initiatives that assist in fundraising or outreach to new ways to engage donors and members. It’s important to allow space for discussion and even debate, so ensure you have plenty of time for this portion of the agenda.

This is a chance for the board to make special announcements, shout-outs felicitations, and other things that don’t fit in other parts of the agenda. This is also a great opportunity to suggest ideas for the next agenda. When the meeting is concluded, the chair will thank everyone for attending and inform them when the next meeting is. The meeting secretary will then take note of the official conclusion of the meeting in the minutes.

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