Client Billing: Manage Clients & Process Payments in a Flick

From the Invoices tab, you’ll be able to see it listed now, with status Payment Due. You can check and see if the content is as you’d like it to be and add a note if desired. This is what you’ll send to your actual clients, and there’s a lot you can personalize. Now we’ll add our business coordinates in the Business Info section – which will appear in any client documents you produce. The logo you select will also appear in the top right corner of your clients’ profile menu when they log into your Hub via WPMU DEV.

As client info changes, you can easily update the template so that future invoices show the correct information, too. The company encourages you to schedule a live demo with a sales rep to find custom pricing for AbacusLaw or Amicus Attorney, and users report pricing starting at $69 per month. Rocket Matter offers plans that are a fit for firms of all sizes. Choose the Essentials plan if you don’t mind handling billing yourself and have simple reporting needs. Upgrade to Premier to gain greater business insights and hands-off billing. The software offers advanced reporting, including origination reports for new-business incentives, allocation reports, matter budgets, and team and matter productivity.

Most of the improvements to date have focused on manually billed services (previously referred to as on completion and estimate services). As a gentle reminder, we’ve included links to guide you to the client view from the old place in your proposals. Foundational to our focus on enabling client-centricity has been the introduction of the Client Billing Schedule as part of the Client view. This update, along with others that will follow, means you’ll have better visibility into the context of your client relationships – at every stage. The Overview features Billing Stats (e.g. MRR, Active Subscriptions, Net Billing, etc.) and information about your client.

Get paid faster by accepting payments 24/7.

Once you have everything customized, click Save – and that’s it! You now have a new, customized role you can assign to any client. These preset roles can’t be edited or altered; that’s where custom roles come into play (which we’ll get into later).

Such professionalism not only fosters trust with current clients but also enhances your reputation, potentially attracting new clients through positive word-of-mouth. If your contract is missing an important component needed to promptly bill, you’ll need to go back to the client now – before your first invoice – and get clarification. Ideally, it would be good to have these new details in writing via a contract addendum or new legal agreement. If nothing else, a simple email where you both type out “I agree” in response to the payment terms is sufficient.

Provide a client interface to pay invoices

A lot of it is automated for you, and all the tools are here to keep you and your clients organized. Plus, with the ability to white label everything and simplify the payment process, your business is all in one place. While they’re mostly used in the beginning and middle of the service delivery cycle, task assignments and scheduling are critical for streamlined client billing.

Increase client’s trust with transparent invoicing

You can filter the data in multiple ways, round them, and then export them in CSV, XLSX, and PDF. The Client Billing Schedule also solves a number of limitations with the display of our dashboard data. Previously, your in-app business dashboard was driven by finding and aggregating proposal data.

Integrate With an Accounting Software

It also offers business owners many features to run and organize their businesses. FreshBooks is a versatile accounting and invoicing tool for freelancers, solopreneurs, and small business owners. Crafting invoices and receiving payments via credit cards, ACH transfers, Stripe, or PayPal is very simple with FreshBooks. As businesses seek innovative ways to manage finances, exploring the best client billing software options can pave the way for smoother operations and improved client relationships.

To add or edit custom fields, click on the Custom Fields tab, and enter as many additional items as you’d like in Business, and/or Client Profiles. You can use any SMTP plugin of your choice; we recommend our (free!) Branda plugin, which handles this task with ease, and comes fully loaded with additional white-labeling features. Check out this how-to guide on activating SMTP mode in Branda, and this helpful walk-through on SMTP setup through Gmail. Give it a Name (in this example, we’ll call it ‘Hosting’) and select what access the client will have.

Select the projects you want to bill for and click Add Projects. You can set default hourly rates and invoice terms for each client, too, and save any important billing notes like your client’s billing address or email for invoices. Other strong features include the ability to send recurring invoices, schedule invoices to be sent at a later date, accept digital signatures, and schedule automatic payment reminders. While it lacks some reporting features (it has only a few reports), it does allow users to accept in-person payments and send unlimited invoices for free.

You’re required by law to place retainer fees in a trust account, which these apps don’t do. Clio lets you track and invoice for billable hours and expenses and get paid with a secure online payment link for credit card, debit or eCheck payments. You can set up invoices to discount for early payments or add interest for late payments automatically.

And keeping those three functions under one roof makes billing for your time super quick and convenient. You can create incredibly detailed workflows for actions like adding a discount if an invoice is paid early or sending a payment email reminder. It does take a little time to set up, but it can save you hours down the road. BillQuick Online is a software made for professionals on the move, making it a specialized solution for their project management and billing needs. It aims to streamline various aspects of project management, time tracking, expense management, and invoicing anytime, anywhere. Probably one of the best client billing software for freelancers, with pricing starting at $15 per user per month.

This module displays the name of the Stripe account you’ve connected to your Clients & Billing portal, and its status. To see the Products & Services section in your billing portal, click View All. To see the full list of Clients in your billing portal, click View All. The Overview section in contribution margin ratio Clients & Billing allows you to see a collective summary of key data and settings in your portal. We’ll look at what’s involved in the continued management of these features, so we can keep all of our information current. With an Invoice template created, let’s make one for a specific client.

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