Board Meeting Procedures – How to Conduct a Successful Meeting

When it’s meeting in person or via video conference, board meetings should be focused on making decisions and setting agenda items. The best way to do this is by following a few simple rules for board meetings.

It is vital to ensure there’s a sufficient number of people in attendance before any official business can be discussed. This is usually outlined in a company’s bylaws and includes a call to make sure there is enough people in attendance to vote.

The chair will inquire if any of the members have any corrections or additions to minutes of the previous meeting. If none are present they can be approved in the form of a written.

Once all the old business has been settled, new business can begin. The board should go through the agenda item-by-item allowing time for discussion and voting. Idealy, the most important questions should be addressed at the beginning of the meeting. This is because it’s likely that analysis and discussion of these issues took place at previous meetings, during board calls, or even one-on-one discussions with directors individually.

To ensure that the meeting is kept moving it’s essential to establish clear guidelines for speaking time. Directors, for instance, should only speak once the speaker in front of them has finished speaking. Nobody should interrupt anyone else, regardless of the importance of their message. You might want to consider deferring a discussion to the next meeting or scheduling an interlude call. This allows you to tackle the topic in a shorter amount of time.

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